A beautiful treatment for the mind, body and soul. After a ​short check in talk, the Ritual begins. Customized to the ​client's current needs and desires, the client is supported to ​enter a deep relaxed, meditative state. Utilizing Thai Yoga ​massage techniques to harmonize the energy body, release ​tension, and activate the flow of chi through the body. ​Energy work to varying degrees can also be incorporated, to ​support the system's natural flow towards integration. ​Integration being the establishment of a feeling of ​peacefulness, harmony and bliss.

Each experience is different, even for the same person, as the ​work addresses topics that are present in the moment for the ​client. These Rituals also have the potential to support the ​integration of long holding traumas and heal emotional or ​physical injuries.

Give yourself the experience of feeling deepest relaxation, ​inner harmony, and peace... taking this experience to inform ​your daily life. The more often you can experience peace and ​calm, the easier it is for you to find your own way there, ​even in the most stressful of situations! Its like the stress ​cannot permeat through to your center. You are like a ​Buddha in the center, remaining calm, confident, and ​responsive. No matter what is going on around you.

Wonderful to combine with one of our Workshops, Retreats or ​Coaching Sessions! Inviting even deeper integration of the ​work already done.

Thai Yoga Healing ​Ritual

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