Sacred Union

What is Sacred Union? It's a relationship that has ​transcended the classic expectations of an average ​relationship. Sacred Union feels like being wrapped up in ​softest warm cuddly love clouds, and surfing through ​glittering rainbow galaxies across the universe. Its the ​deepest trust, the most innocent and open hearted connection, ​communing with the spirits.

The difference from a classic relationship and a relationship ​of Sacred Union is, not, that the relationship is easy or a ​"perfect fit". Rather, that the people in the relationship have ​developed a knowing of themselves.

Practiced being able to hold themselves, and even one ​another, through hard emotional processes. Thus being able ​to facilitate healing in the relationship. Creating an upward ​spiral of growth, and achieving access to the highest levels of ​trust and love available to their souls.

The classic relationship timeline: two people fall in love with ​one another, the champagne bubbles dance through their ​veins, blessed for the moment to have met one another. Until ​their systems reach the first threshold, where their systems ​desire to up level. They feel safe enough with this person to ​relax and start showing "who they really are" this is actually ​showing up with all your non-integrated traumas from the ​past, jostling to be seen, heard, and healed.

Instead of politely dancing around one anothers wounds and ​traumas, eventually accidentally triggering one another and ​getting lost in unconscious stories. Often there are blatant ​but unconsious acts of testing and judging the partner. "If ​you really loved me, you would do or be XYZ for me!" and ​this is coming from both sides! So often relationships ​disintegrate into chaos, hurt, and ultimately separation. Even ​if they stay together, the relationship just isn't what it used ​to be. Unfortunately our society tells us this is "normal". This ​is outrageously untrue! My mission is to have the world full ​of thriving, passionate, humans in love with whoever they ​choose and living life to the fullest!

With time our systems start to seek integration, we start to ​fight, start to get hurt, or even, as the love becomes very real ​and deep, we sabotage or even hide from the potential love ​upgrade, because on an unconsious level we "dont deserve" or ​"cant handle" that level of love. A never ending downward ​spiral, where the same stories repeat themselves endlessly.

With my methods this spiral can become an upward spiral! ​Instead of avoiding conflict you will have to tools to dive ​right through to find the core need of yourself and your ​partner, connect to your north star, integrate the wounds, ​and therby creating trust and safety to be all you are, seen, ​held, understood, and supported.

It is unavoidable to go through this portal, like a birth, on ​the other side lies a deep, satisfying knowing, that this ​partner can go through it all with you. And there begins ​Sacred Union.

That soul connection. The kind that nourishes one another's ​souls and can go through all obstacles of life. The ALIVE ​relationship, responsive and stable. Safe AND exciting.

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