Radical Self Love, your ​most fulfilling Life and ​Relationships

You know that bubbly feeling of fresh love? It's AMAZING! ​Intoxicating... everyone can get high on this kind of love... But ​as the potential for deeper connection arrives, the soda ​bubbles stop tickling and swirling through our veins.... We see ​a wide and deep ocean waiting for us.

Then the most exquisite work begins... Our system feels the ​potential to heal, to integrate past traumas. We feel safe ​enough to test the waters of this relationship..... is it deep? Is ​it gentle? Is it safe to be ALL of me with this being? Two ​hopeful people merging their paths together. Our souls ​deepest desire is to be seen truly, to be our most vibrant, ​beautiful selves. The first step though begins with you, we ​need first to radically love ourselves, in order to be radically ​loved by another. To know that we are worthy of all the love, ​all the pleasure, all the peace that this universe is offering.

Deepest self compassion. And knowing, the being across from ​you is, in their own way, seeking the same feeling of safety, ​peace, and fulfillment that you are. Therefor, the deepest ​compassion for your partner in their journey is another ​essential ingredient to walking a path of growth together.

When we meet each other unveiled, and feel all the emotions ​that come with knowing the heights and depths this love ​partnership will bring us...All we are willing to receive is all ​we are willing to lose. And so, to be able to give it all, a ​foundational step is to know YOU can hold yourself first. I ​remember, very well, stepping through the portal(s) to the ​most ecstatic and deep love relationship I've ever dreamed of. ​Where our souls merge together to spin the stars, where we ​swim together through oceans of deepest, soul nourishing ​connection. And my favorite magical practice is to also do ​that in relation to myself.

There's the choice to be made, do I open to this level of love ​and life? Will I show up for myself, will I show up for this ​vulnerable being across from me? Am I enough?

It's SCARY. Because what we're willing to have we are also ​risking to lose.... I dreamed of the most authentic, bare, sexy, ​respectful, dedicated, romantic, dynamic, cherishing ​partnership... And I deserve nothing less. Its not easy to tend ​to the relationship as intensely as we do. But the rewards are ​like a well tended garden. The flowers are spectacular and ​abundant, and the fruits are juicy and delicious!! I will swim ​in the wildest waters and climb the highest mountains for the ​love I desire. And most of the time, I know I'm worth it. And I ​have a partner who does and knows the same.

So what's standing in the way of the deepest, most ​exhilarating, passionate, love you can imagine?

Your own fears, your own unworthiness, your deepest shames ​and pains.... Closing your eyes, locking your heart in an ​impenetrable box. How much pain we inflict on ourselves or ​submit to from media and these crazy modern social ​standards.... Because we have been trained into smallness and ​blinded to our own beauty?

The fact is, when you begin to develop the most absolute, ​unashamed self-love relationship with yourself, know and ​trust that you can hold yourself through any pain. And, ​believe in your own radiance and worthiness to receive the ​greatest blessings' life has to offer. Then the journey begins to ​the most ecstatic life that you can imagine... love is an ​oceanic field of energy, swirling all around and through us ​every second of our lives. I invite you to feel all of it. You ​ARE love. Does it mean life will never be hard? Definitely not, ​but I can tell you it's possible to receive the pain in a kind of ​pleasurable state, because you are so fucking grateful to be ​alive. Held by the Earth and loved by the universe. In the ​most exquisite love relationship which is available to every ​being on the planet, a radical self love journey of discovery, ​acceptance healing and pleasure.

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