A foundational and powerful practice of aligning to your ​personally chosen North Star(s). What is a North Star? In ​my work, it is a higher purpose or goal that lies above all ​others. It is simple in wording, and very powerful in ​meaning.

A North Star for me is to

experience myself in Peace

In every moment and before making any choice in my life, I ​can check if I am aligned to my North Star, this gives me a ​clear way to stay on track to live my most aligned and ​satisfying life.

A North Star in my relationship

is to experience myself in Love.

So many "fights" can be completely avoided, and the ​exchange transformed into an opportunity for deepest ​connection and growth, by first aligning to your North Star ​of wanting to experience yourself in Love. Quite ​immediately the hurt egos needs are superceded by a higher ​vibrational goal, to experience yourself in Love.

Instead of having a narrow, predefined path along which I ​must travel.... SO many have accepted this predefined ​belief.... If I have a House, Spouse, Children and a job, then ​I will be happy.

By setting a North Star, suddenly I am an ultimate creator.

This singular pre-defined matrix erases all need for ​spiritual responsibility, handing over your happiness to ​posession of material. Your happiness involves so much ​more than that. Yes, your Happiness aligned life may ​include a Spouse, House, and Children... But knowing your ​deep personal reason why and how you infuse this ​experience with Happiness is foundational to really ​enjoying your life.

I would like to invite you to feel what it is like in your body, ​mind and spirit.... to be Happy, to be Love, to be Peace, ​without a definition creating preassure or limitations on ​your expression.

When our highest goal is to experience ourselves in ​Happiness, infinite choices of our unique expression ofbeing in Happiness have space to present.

So I invite you on a journey of self discovery, stepping ​outside the small and limiting Matrixis of pre-definition, ​fears, judgements.... Into a vast universe of creativity, to live ​your most uniquely exquisite life, that only you can live.

Setting and aligning ​to your Northstar(s)

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