Every human I've ever met, has a need to be "good". ​However this goal of being "good", or "good enough", given ​up to the pre-definitions of our society leads us down a ​path of trying to make everyone else tell us we are good ​enough. We are forced to "prove it". We begin to deny ​parts of ourselves, sending them away as broken, ​unworthy, shamefull aspects of ourselves.

Integrating our darkness is one of the most beautiful and ​healing practices I know. Its about loving yourself whole ​again. Only we can truly integrate and love all of who we ​are, only we know everything about ourselves, and even ​then I must say, so many people really dont know who they ​are!

Integrating the dark is not about giving yourself ​permission to cause harm or spread hate.... These actions ​are always carried out through a dis-integrated aspect or ​"entity".

It is about openning your heart to the parts of you that ​have been unloved. By integrating your "darkness", aspects ​of your truth are revealed, giving you insights into your ​deepest desires, and your most precious gifts.

Just for an example...

That "clingy" aspect of you, which you spend so much ​energy to override and judging, integrated and honoured, ​is actually your sweet heart, eager to connect in trusting ​love. Denying this aspect is denying a beautiful part of ​your Soul. Limiting your expression, and ultimately hiding ​your true nature from being seen by someone who would ​truely cherish exactly that for which you shame yourself.

Integrating our darkness is often the first steps to ​becoming who you really are, preparing yourself for true ​heart connected relationship, and taking ownership for ​your life.

Are you ready to love yourself whole again? Make an ​appointment for your first free desire mapping session, ​and talk with me about your options to begin your journey ​of self love.

Soul Retrieval, ​Integrating Darkness

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