Decorative Corner Vintage Ornament
Decorative Corner Vintage Ornament

Life-force development project

for an exclusive, closed women-only group

guided by Avianna McKee

Illuminating Goddess Illustration
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In these L I V E weekly sessions, I will be sharing with you juicy and empowering skills to up-​grade your experience of life, from dull, blocked, bored... To bloom into your most uniquely ​beautiful and turned-on version of self.

Where you feel: blissful, sexy, inspired, empowered, magnetic, overflowing with love for ​yourself and others, deeply connected to your inner wisdom, and even more...

Join me and other Sisters in an interactive 2 hour, 1x weekly Zoom

Experience a gentle and nourishing, lovingly guided space. 

You will learn useful and powerful tools to transform your life. 



🐆 luscious embodiment practices, 

🍑 deliscious meditations, 

🔥 empowerment practices, 

💋 gentle self-love practices, 

💞 sharings about living a pleasure filled life,  

🌻 Positivity practices

🌊 integrative and healing emotional release tools, and 

🧚 Practical, no-shame talks about sexuality, embodying ​Goddess, relating in partnership.

Good morning Goddess💛

Are you ready to open your eyes dearest?

Do you desire to stretch your body and mind into a more fulfilled and pleasurable life?

Are you ready to discover your own unique light?

Just two years ago I struggled to even see a photo of myself without cringing.

Self-love was a far away concept. I struggled with anxiety and depression everyday...

How did I get myself where I am now?

Loving my life, feeling vibrant and alive, grateful and powerful?

By using the increadible tools and practices of self love,

sacred sexuality, and deep diving into my consciousness.



In our interactive Zoom space, your shares stay inside the circle and won't be recorded or ​saved anywhere.


Gain access to the exclusive Facebook group for connecting outside of class.


You´ll have full access to a carefully selected libary of guided meditations and practices, ​and be able to revisit the recorded embodiment practices. 


Beginning 15.07.2024 

every Monday

9-11 am

via Zoom

Project Donation

Just 186€Euro/month (3 months)

+ 1x annual membership donation of 111€

To the Peace Circle Society

😻See more @

*Gain benefits to festivals and access other amazing events as well as the private Peace ​Circle Society Facebook group, with your membership!

satisfaction guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back!

*Membership donation is non-refundable*

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Decorative Corner Vintage Ornament
Decorative Corner Vintage Ornament
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