Ethereal Planes, and ​how I work with them

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I work with the Ethereal Planes of a being by tuning into ​their unique Energetic Body. I serve as a channel for ​greater energies to flow through me, in service to support ​the healing and alignment of the recipient. The recipient is ​actually on their own healing journey, either by entering a ​meditative state, breathwork, shamanic practices, or ​somatic excersise. I am supporting the process that the ​recipients system is doing on its own. Therfor the recipient ​is in full control of the process. A healing process can be ​all different lengths of time, and vary in expression, from ​very gentle releases and realignments, to entering a ​cathartic experience. All forms of healing process are ​supported and honored.

The Planes generally envelope your body as different ​layers, at differing distances to your physical body. ​However, accessing the Energetic Body can even be done ​through Zoom. Time and space are not limiting factors ​when working on the Ethereal Planes. like a 3-D tapestry, ​with all kinds of forms, all kind of lights, and lumineccent ​embroidery, some forms have been polluted and/or ​malformed. Most often trauma and pain experienced in this ​lifetime or past lifetimes are the cause of these distortions. ​These foreign objects can be removed, the void then being ​filled by Sacred Light. There are several layers and ​dimensions that can be described under this broad term. A ​very common plane is the Aural Plane. The Aura can often ​have shadows or voids which can be disspated and then ​infused with Light. Another well-known Plane is where the ​Chakras are located. Often the Chakras are blocked, or ​otherwise hindered from their full brightness. There is the ​Auric Field which reflects much of our physical bodies ​tensions, numbness, traumas and pains. Working on the ​physical body AND the reflected Auric body can ​significantly improve the chances of the healing being ​integrated into your being, and not retracting back into its ​old expression. All healing is done as a support to the ​recipient and can only take place with the recipients full ​allowance.

I recommend using intention to re-align low vibration ​belief systems. Common beliefs of unworthiness, shame, ​fear, incapability etc...

can be re-aligned with Self Love, confidence, empowerment, ​creative openness, inner peace, and even bliss, as well as ​any other high vibration you would like to manifest in ​your consciousness!

If you feel interested in this kind of work, but dont have a ​"practice" I am here to guide you finding the right ​technique for you to facilitate your own healing. Through ​guided meditation, breathwork, somatic excercises and ​simple shamanic practices.

My education in this field is ongoing. I would like to ​highlight my partner, Winni, who is also an expert ​practitioner in this field. It is also possible to have both of ​us working with you simultaneously.

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Telegram: @AviannaMcKee

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