Dare to access Divine ​Living

To be a beautiful vessel for all your colorful expressions. To ​be able to hold it with grace. All the pain, all the sadness, all ​the rage, all the fear, all the joy, all the love, all the ​beauty...To be all of lifes, at the same time. That's ​superhuman.... That's divine expression... To experience life ​so fully. Its about knowing and accepting yourself more and ​more fully, and therfor being able to meet others deeply.

So I always ask my clients, "what do you want to experience?" ​Everyone is here for their own unique journey. Dare to ask ​for your wildest dreams to come true! Thats your guiding ​north star.

But Im going to dare that the absolut foundation for a ​thriving life is cultivating self love. Only you can love ​yourself perfectly, so why not start today? Being the kindest, ​most understanding person you have ever met in the whole ​world. You are actually in control of how you treat yourself!

Loving yourself feels so good! Yet our default culture is ​judgement and heaps of self hate. Stepping out of the cycle, ​allowing joy and pleasure to reignite in your heart. All you ​have to do is want it. Believe first that you can show up for ​yourself. Actually discover all the ways you have already ​shown up, the list is way longer than you think, and thats ​something to be proud of!

Are there days where my depression, self-doubt, and self-​hate, beat me into a sobbing ball in the corner? Definitely! I ​am soooooo human. But I practice standing up again and ​again, for myself, and for the ones I love. Knowing ourselves ​intimately is essential to grow and develop beyond survival ​mode.

Together with my incredible partner, the dearest being, who ​inspires me to dream bigger and bigger than I ever have ​before. As each of us goes deeper with ourselves, we are able ​to go deeper with one another. Self-exploration and Self Love ​are foundational elements of my coaching method, even for ​couples!

It’s a dance between two souls, this relationship thing. So as ​each being looks inward, so we can meet one another as our ​truest version of ourselves.

In our sessions and in our couples retreats, we explore the ​foundational elements of meeting ourselves, our partners, ​and life. Cultivating essential relating tools, discovering our ​deepest desires, admiring the beauty of our bodies and souls, ​cultivating our truest most expressed natures, and developing ​our incredible strength to embrace anything this life will ​send our way.

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